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Develop and Implement the Right Strategy

Which Way Did They Go?

Employees’ lack of clarity around the company’s objectives was creating considerable problems for the organization. Employees unknowingly made decisions that ran counter to the company’s best interests. The management team needed to find a way to measure and reward the kind of thinking and behavior that would keep the company on track. Having the right strategy and a clear implementation plan is the first step on the path to success. How strategy and the stated direction drives, or doesn’t drive, decision-making at every level of a company is what produces success or failure for the company.

Executive Evolution dissected the situation and found that more than just decision-making had gone awry. The strategy of the company was not well honed or communicated and implementation was not tied into annual operating plans. There was no clear, consistent way for the company to incent the kind of decision-making and behavior the organization needed. Employee morale was low and productivity was suffering.

Clarifying strategic positioning, and then clearing up the confusion about what the company’s stated objectives meant to managers and employees at every level of the company, was the first step. Armed with a new perspective from which to approach decision-making, employees began to evaluate each choice in light of its ability to advance the company and improve customer satisfaction. The executive team, using a design by Executive Evolution, implemented a new appraisal and reward system aimed at recognizing decision-making and performance that dovetailed with the company’s stated initiatives. Employees focused on the priorities for the company and productivity increased.

In the course of the strategic process led by Executive Evolution, a competitive analysis revealed that the company did not offer a key service that was offered by all its competitors. Further investigation revealed that the company’s customers were notably unhappy and were decamping to the competition in significant numbers as a result of this service gap. The company launched a new service to meet the needs of these customers, thereby addressing this competitive threat. Additionally, as a result of the strategic process, acquisition criteria were created which made it clear that an acquisition under serious consideration by the company was, in fact, a very poor fit for its now well-defined long-term strategy. Armed with these realizations and new systems, the company was able to focus all its resources most advantageously, growing and prospering as a result.

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