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One of this professional service company’s better rainmakers and technically proficient high level employees was alienating his own team and burning himself out. He was a classic driven type A personality coupled with a marked tendency to be brusque and apparently insensitive to the people who worked for him. His team’s morale and productivity were suffering, his sense of overwhelm was escalating, his health was beginning to deteriorate and his home life was heading for the cliff. He was rapidly backing himself into a corner from which it would be very difficult to extricate himself. It was at this point that his boss requested Marie Kane of Executive Evolution to meet with Mr. H to explore the possibility of executive coaching. Mr. H was very willing to have help as long as it addressed his no nonsense, results oriented priorities. An agreement to proceed with an initial assessment was soon reached.

An executive assessment including 360 feedback and a comprehensive profiling tool was completed for Mr. H. An in depth interview with Mr. H revealed his frustrations, concerns and priorities. Based on all the input and Mr. H’s objectives, a coaching plan was mutually created and implementation begun. The issues most impacting work performance were addressed through a combination of discovery and understanding coupled with skill building and increased consciousness. Mr. H learned how to program supports into his environment that reinforced what he had learned and made it easier to continue to integrate these new behaviors and insights into his day- to-day work and relationships.

The sources of overwhelm and frustration were soon revealed as a failure to delegate and a tendency to micromanage when he did. New ways of handling the workload and assuring quality tailored to the demands of the situation were determined and implemented with the pleased cooperation of his staff. Mr. H shared with his team what he was working on and solicited their help in making changes in how he worked with them and in how the department functioned in order to create a more satisfying and productive situation for everyone involved.

Not too long after all these things came to pass, Mr. H begin to receive unsolicited feedback on how much better the situation was for everyone and he readily stated how much better things were for him as well. Finally, Mr. H used all that he had learned to create more time with his family while simultaneously performing as well or better at work. Mr. H, his family, his team, his boss and the company were all delighted that his full potential was harnessed in concert with a more balanced life. The story had a happy ending and the lessons learned stayed with Mr. H who not only continued to live them, but to teach them to others as well.

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