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Leverage Your Company’s Talent

How One President and His Company Got Their Groove Back!

Have you ever gotten feedback on your leadership or management style that surprised or dismayed you? Here, in his own words, is the story of the President of a growing company and how Marie Kane of Executive Evolution helped him and his company to get back on track.

“I had a 360 evaluation that was a bit of a shock. When I asked my subordinates; “Am I really that bad?” the answer was “YES”! I knew I needed help. My perception of myself as a leader was not on a par with reality. I was going to lose some good people and maybe my business if the issue was not addressed. I was in the transition phase from running the company as a total entrepreneur to having a company that could run without my total control (read micromanagement!).

We started with addressing leadership development for me through coaching and then moved on to address formal evaluations, feedback and development plans for all the employees. That evolved even further into the use of a system that helped us to select the right employees. As a result, every one in the company from me to the newest hire was more effective and focused.

We found that teamwork was lacking in the organization and addressed that with training coupled with follow up individual coaching sessions by Marie for those in key positions. As a result, we significantly improved performance in our core operation.

We also worked on conflict resolution within the company. I worked directly with Marie and two different key employees who were causing considerable friction in relation to other people and departments in the company. I improved my management skills for dealing with challenging people and got clearer on the messages I needed to be putting out in the company about our values and standards in dealing with one another. As a result, I was able to keep both these great performers. .

Marie has facilitated several company wide retreats, over period of several years, in which we have developed better skills in teamwork and decision-making and other areas. In the process, we have discovered previously unknown leadership talent within the company.

As President of the company, developing me as a leader has been the ultimate advantage. The leader’s role is a difficult one and we must accept the effort required to change and grow ourselves in order to make it possible to grow our business. It is challenging, but rewarding.”

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