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What is a Superb Organization?
A superb organization is competitive, profitable, and sustainable.

It is a winning, healthy organization that:

Organizations are complex systems, composed of constantly shifting and always inter-related and interdependent elements. Successfully addressing Strategy, Talent and Culture in order to be Competitive, Profitable and Sustainable means understanding the relationship among all these elements and addressing the key aspects of those connections.

Develop and Implement the Right Strategy

Leadership is essential, for without it the organization founders and drifts aimlessly or in directions that do not serve it well. Leadership provides the passion, vision, and psychological glue that holds the organization together and fuels its efforts. Management carries out the mission, holds the organization accountable and helps to ensure participation and commitment by all members of the organization. A strategic plan is required to provide strategic focus and direction, define and maintain competitive advantage, motivate the company, and provide the context for operational plans. Operational plans are necessary to accomplish results day-to-day, bring into action your strategic intent, and address the basics necessary for continuing operational success. Resource and financial plans are necessary to ensure survival and to have the building blocks necessary to create a successful and prosperous organization.

Leverage Your Company’s Talent

People are the heart of the organization. Getting the right person in the right job and then developing and rewarding them fairly and effectively are the backbone of any organization. People don’t operate in a vacuum. They relate to one another in a variety of ways that can create synergy or can create friction. Formal or informal relationships, teams or pairs, whatever the nature of the relationship; it is essential that quality relationships are expected and supported.

Create Optimal Culture and Communications

Underlying everything in the organization are its values and culture. When these are healthy and congruent with the espoused intentions of the organization, then they provide a foundation that supports all the other elements of a superb organization. But, when they are unhealthy or incongruent with the other stated elements of the organization, then divisiveness occurs and credibility is lost. The impact on performance in this case is substantial.

Finally, an organization that wants to be superb, a winner in every way, must address its structures and processes. These are what support all the other elements making it possible to manage and maintain the necessary ongoing complexities and interactions.

A Broader Impact

Creating a Superb Organization has an impact far beyond the organization. Stable, successful, fulfilled companies are an important foundation for countries and societies. Our work impacts our total quality of life significantly, so its effects spread exponentially. Increasing both performance and fulfillment at work is a very powerful way to make a positive contribution to yourself, your company, and society as a whole.

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