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Are your teams finely tuned performance vehicles, or do they sputter and die short of the finish line?

High Performance Teams, like winning race cars, must be correctly designed and maintained if they are to achieve winning performance.

TEAMS is the software-based team assessment and development process that creates winners.

Teams Discover
Their Power

Teams Evolving and Mastering Success

In the race to perform, TEAMS enables your teams to structure and tune themselves to produce powerful, profitable results.

Why Build a Team?

Real teams can accomplish great feats even in the face of barriers such as inadequate resources and environmental resistance. When implemented successfully, they have a direct positive impact on your bottom line, quality, productivity, costs, cycle times, customer service and the quality of work life for all employees involved.

The T•E•A•M•S System

  • High performing teams excel in Work Management, Group Processes, Relationships, and Leadership skills. The better a team is in these areas, the better their performance.
  • TEAMS helps you maximize your investment in teams. Assisting teams to understand and develop these characteristics pays off in performance and satisfaction.

  • A team with a poor foundation in these areas is destined to fail. To develop strong teams, you must address these areas effectively, efficiently and regularly. TEAMS allows you to do all of this and do it well. It is deep, broad and flexible.

What does TEAMS address?

  • Work Management Skills: Learn how the team determines and manages the specific tasks and resources related to its mission.

  • Group Processes: Group functions such as participation, meeting management, learning, creativity, and many other areas are addressed.
  • Relationships: Addresses the feelings, attitudes, and behaviors that most reflect the team's interpersonal relationships.
  • Leadership: See how the team leader and the team function to support and facilitate all aspects of the team process specifically including the elements of team functioning covered in the TEAMS Survey.

Teams Evolving And Mastering Success (TEAMS) is dedicated to helping the members of teams and of work groups to improve their performance and quality of work life. Everyone wins!

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