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Team Development

Executive Evolution has very powerful programs for building successful ongoing teams or doing quick start launches for short term effective project teams. My tailored team coaching and development approach adds value through:

  • Optimum use of team time and talent and all other resources

  • Accomplishment of the team's mission

  • Empowering the team to manage their own process and structuring effective ways to manage and support the team

  • Ensuring the necessary skills and processes are present to address and maintain group processes, effective leadership, good relationships, and management of the work

  • Addressing the interfaces both within the team and between the team and the remainder of the organization and others as appropriate

There are many approaches to coaching and developing teams. Below are two examples to give you an idea of some of your options.

Examples of Coaching for Intact Existent Teams

Team Coaching Example AIndividual Trait Focus Program: This group coaching program addresses the impact of team member's traits, preferences, styles, and what they value on team and company processes, relationships, communication, effectiveness as a group and as individuals, how tasks are assigned, etc. The program includes comprehensive individual profiles and individual 30 minute profile debriefs after the introductory group profile debrief.  We discuss the essential differences between teams and work groups and which your group should be and effects moving forward.  

We explore how to apply insights gained about individual and group patterns for optimal impact. This includes, but is not limited to, understanding how you can apply this in relationships with non-team members. We make agreements on actions and measurements for follow-up by the team. The program includes phone follow-up with the group leader and with the team on how implementation/application is progressing as well as interim tips/support emails. 

The program includes 6 months of follow-up emails designed to support the group’s application of what they learned or discovered during the group coaching experience.  An additional benefit of this kind of program is improved or enhanced relationships among team members.  This program also can be done for collections of individuals who do not constitute an actual team, but who can benefit from understanding self and others and applying that knowledge.

Team Development Example B – Team overall assessment and critical issues focus.  A comprehensive full team assessment using the “TEAMS” profile and detailed reports that address relationships, team processes, work management and leadership. We discuss whether the group is a team or a work group now and which it needs to be.  Together, we evaluate the “TEAMS” survey results and select the critical issues to address and the strengths to leverage. We determine initial action plans and both initial and ongoing measurements to track team progress. The program includes phone checks on progress and interim email tips/hints.

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Team Assessment - Survey and Response System

The T•E•A•M•S System provides a comprehensive, well-supported, efficient system for your team development.

Get more information on how you can use T•E•A•M•S to address team leadership, work management, processes, and relationships.

View articles on Tips for Effective Teams

Take the T•E•A•M•S System on a"Test Drive"

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