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As a corporate coach and consultant for over 30 years, it has been my privilege to work with many fine individuals and organizations. Below are comments from some of them.

For your convenience, the area of service discussed is listed in bold before each testimonial.

Twenty-Year Client: Strategic & Operational Planning, Performance Management, Change Management, Executive Coaching, Team and Leadership Development

"Marie Kane has been a tremendous resource to Pathway Communities, Inc., formally Peachtree City Development Corp., for over 20 years. During the 1980’s, it became obvious that our company needed a better way to plan and organize work in order to meet our annual goals. Working with Marie, we customized a formal operational planning process, which we still use today. Marie facilitated those operational planning sessions initially so as to enable us to fully participate and learn the process to use independently subsequently. Marie also introduced us to our strategic planning process and facilitated it for some time to allow for full participation by all members of the executive team. Discoveries and decisions made in the strategic process resulted in major, beneficial business decisions. Marie’s processes for integrating the strategic and operational plans with performance management have been most beneficial in our annual planning and ongoing management and measurement.

When I joined the company in September 1979, employee job descriptions and a method of evaluating job performance were non-existent. Marie worked with us to design goal setting and evaluation processes that could be used for each employee and it was well worth the investment. Now our employees had in writing what was expected of them and how their performance would be evaluated. It also gave the company a rational basis on which we would pay annual bonuses based on an employee’s true performance and overall contribution to the company’s bottom line.

Marie has been my executive coach over the years and there have been many issues that have arisen in which, without her professional advice, it would have been difficult, if not impossible, to get through well. For example, we have had two major organizational restructurings and/or repositionings within our company over the past 20 years. The largest strategic repositioning was the closing of our home building and mortgage companies. These actions affected many employees as well as vendors and contractors throughout the Atlanta area. Prior to these actions being taken, Marie worked with me to develop a comprehensive multi-scenario change management plan that included specific, chronological action and communication plans and position statements as well as delivery and presentation recommendations. This ensured an orderly and well-communicated plan, as well as making sure we were empathetic to all employees and others impacted. This was extremely critical since we were announcing the closing of these companies while at the same time asking those employees to continue their jobs for a period of time. In addition, we developed a communications plan and package for vendors since the company had many millions of dollars in the accounts payable pipeline. For the employees of the home building company we developed a proposed severance package and schedule and met individually with every employee. This resulted in our having an orderly closing of the home building company over a 12-month period. We developed a plan to assure those people who had purchased homes from us that we would honor our home warranty and other commitments. All the proceeding actions were completed prior to any public announcement being made. Had it not been for Marie Kane, this decision and its implementation would have in all likelihood resulted in total chaos, not only for the employees affected, but also for our vendors and home owners. In actuality, we received many compliments from all concerned in this situation as to our handling of it and increased rather than decreased our credibility and stature in the community and industry as a result.

In addition, as needed over the years, Marie has worked successfully with me on a variety of managerial and professional growth areas. She has also served us very effectively as coach to other members of the executive team as well as other management and supervisory personnel. I know that we can call on Marie as needs arise and on occasion, when the need has been in an area outside Marie’s expertise, she has always told us so and, when possible, helped us find a quality resource to address it.

Marie was key in developing a team concept for Pathway Communities that was used to enhance our production and solve problems. Each team addressed methods to increase output as well as develop our product to a higher standard. Many employees for the first time were asked for their opinions and that paid significant dividends to the bottom line of our company and provided opportunities for peer leadership previously not available.

There is one warning that I would share with anyone who is contemplating using Marie’s services and that is if you have an area in which you want professional assistance from someone like Marie, but you are not serious about its design and implementation and you are not dedicated to giving it the follow-up that is needed, then I would strongly advise you to select someone else. Once Marie takes on a job, she gives it her all and she expects that her clients will likewise follow through on their commitments. There is not one assignment Marie has ever undertaken for our company that she has not diligently and enthusiastically seen through to a total and successful completion."

Steve Black, President and CEO, Pathway Communities

Pathway Communities is an industry leader in planned communities, is the developer of Peachtree City and other premier developments.


Executive Coaching and Corporate Consulting

"I have had the pleasure of working with Marie Kane off and on for almost 20 years in numerous capacities. When we first hired Marie as an Executive Consultant Mingledorff's was a 90 million dollar sales organization. Today we are a 287 million dollar company. There is absolutely no question that the things we learned from Marie contributed significantly to that very profitable growth.

I cannot recommend her highly enough."

"In reference to executive coaching - you brought value on two major points.

  1. Confidential second opinion on strategy, re-organization and other major issues.
  2. You brought value as a personal coach who can see the opportunities to improve my own performance as a CEO. It was impartial, confidential and based on years of training and real world experience.

In summary, it was invaluable, particularly as we took the company through a major leadership transition."

- L.B. "Bud" Mingledorff, CEO, Mingledorff's Inc.

Mingledorff's Inc. is a Carrier HVAC distributor for the state of Georgia since 1939 and one of the largest Carrier distributors in the country.


Executive Coaching, Team-Building, Corporate Consulting

Megadoor has been using Marie Kane’s services since 1999. Marie has seen a more than doubling of our company in this time period. She has been instrumental in making this hard transition much less difficult. Growing a company is always painful. New and increased duties for old employees as well as trying to quickly and smoothly fit new employees into the company. Marie has been involved in many aspects of our business. She has been my personal coach in both people issues and strategic planning. If you want a coach to tell you what you “want” to hear, Marie is not for you. I have very much appreciated her frankness, if maybe not at the time of delivery. A CEO’s duties are to hold people accountable but we tend to forget to hold ourselves accountable. Marie is not afraid of reminding me of the commitments I have made to her or other people in our organization and make sure that I come through. Marie has on an annual basis held a 2-day team-building seminar for the company. It has been very professionally done and much appreciated by all involved. She has also helped us in selection of new employees with various testing programs plus assisting in “reading between the lines” and coaching me before the upcoming interviews. She has also helped me with conflict resolution within the company both for individuals as well as departments. But above all she is a good friend and an invaluable outside look at our company. If you have any questions you are more than welcome to contact me.

Ulf Petersson, President and CEO, Megadoor, Inc.

Megadoor, Inc. is a manufacturer and installer of overhead doors for civilian and military aviation, mining, aerospace and others with similar needs.


Executive Coaching

"What I've gotten from Marie (as coach)......

- Candace Kaspers, Phd., Management Consultant, Gender Plus+

Gender Plus+ is a consulting firm specializing in gender issues, training, and diversity.


Employee Selection

As the Customer Service Manager the most beneficial for me has been the Employee Selection and Development System that you offer. It has helped me select candidates that would work well with my strengths and weaknesses as well as with the others in the department. It has raised some potential “red flags” given our specific needs, which when we checked them out, resulted in new information that made it clear a candidate was not a good choice for us. Conversely, the system has revealed things about candidates we had not picked up on in interviews or on the resume’ that made them a better choice for us. The system that you offer is a great tool to choose the best people for the job and develop and manage them well once we have them.

I would also like to add that your bright smile and cheerful manner make you a joy to work with. Our team building retreat couldn't have been better. It taught us a lot about our selves as well as the people that we work with. Again thanks for all your help."

-Karen Hornsby, Customer Service Manager, Tighitco

Tighitco manufactures engineered products for the aerospace, defense, power generation and marine markets focused on thermal and acoustical insulation composite parts and sheet metal assemblies.


Company Retreat, Team and Leadership Development

"To incorporate team spirit in a youth-filled, fast-growing company, we understood the need for someone to pull us together into a cohesive group - no easy task. But we knew someone with an outside perspective, broader than our own, could possibly give us a deeper understanding of the various personalities we encompassed. Marie was able to lead us through a remarkable retreat that was refreshing, fun, and eye-opening. As a result of her process, leaders emerged from the group, of whom we had previously been unaware. This strenghtened our own self-confidence as well as made all our members of the "team" feel a oneness of purpose. The one-on-one follow-up sessions conducted by Marie after the retreat proved very beneficial in producing "Team Leaders" and changing attitudes."

- Louise Laughlin, Human Resource Manager, Megadoor, Inc.

Megadoor, Inc. is a Manufacturer and installer of overhead doors for civilian and military aviation, mining, aerospace and others with similar needs.


Strategic Planning

"I am writing to say think you for a tremendous strategic planning session with the American Woman's Society of Certified Public Accountants. From the first time we spoke, I had a feeling you were a "perfect fit" for this organization. You were able to work with a difficult group and we came away with a tremendous plan and action items set for the next several years.

I would recommend your services to any organization needing strategic planning and/or coaching. From the pre-work to the final product, the process worked well and you were able to help us realize our potential. Everything we had hoped to accomplish during the working session and into the future has been achieved.

We look forward to working with you again in the near future and will keep in touch as we progress with our plan and build on our success."

- Kimberly A. Fantaci, Executive Director, American Woman's Society of Certified Public Accountants


- Conflict Resolution, Team Building and Management Development

“My management team wasn’t working well together, in one instance a potentially explosive situation, and I knew I needed to do something about it. After looking at several options, I choose Marie Kane to help us. She used the Inner View profile to help each of us better understand not only the personality traits of our team members, but also the balance of traits within each person and within the team as a whole. She was further able to make clear for each of us what each person values and emphasizes in their work and relations with others and how that affects each person’s effectiveness individually and as a member of the team. She then helped each of us address conflicts with other team members in a way that was fact based, constructive and with defined action plans. Her relationship improvement and team building process helped improve the morale, cooperation, and planning of the management team which, in turn, quickly led to improvements in our bottom line. Having previously used Marie, I came back to her at the next opportunity when a need arose more recently because she is darn good at what she does. Marie has an incredible ability to help sort out a situation and propose a clear, well-defined action plan in a very short time. I rely on her for management advice to improve my manager’s performance.”

- Peter Nicholas, Vice-President and General Manager, TIGHITCO Inc.

Tighitco manufactures engineered products for the aerospace, defense, power generation and marine markets focused on thermal and acoustical insulation composite parts and sheet metal assemblies.


Comments from the Users of T•E•A•M•S , a comprehensive team assessment and development process

"TEAMS is an Executive's tool kit. What you have here summarizes how every company president wants their company to function, whether they are focused on building a team-based learning organization or not."

From the President of a $100 million company that is actively engaged in building a team-based learning organization.

"We believe the TEAMS process can bring insightful feedback to team members and provide rich subject areas for productive discussion"

From senior level consultants.

"I was very impressed with the thoroughness and simplicity of the TEAMS process as you laid it out in the manual. You have produced a quality product, while still using layman's terminology. I will definitely be using it again."

From the manager of the top-producing branch in his company.

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