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Strategic Thinking and Planning

Customized Strategic Thinking Processes for Organizations

Many years ago I was part of a select team involved in developing an integrated model for strategic and operational planning coupled with measurement processes. Over the years since, in applying that model and evolving it, I have helped clients to:

  • Clarify purpose, mission and direction
  • Define what their core competencies are and how to leverage and protect them
  • Scan the present and possible future environments to consider how present strategy and direction will fit
  • Determine and capitalize on the basis for their competitive advantage
  • Transition from strategy to operational implementation
  • Follow the strategic process with motivating communication to employees

The Executive Evolution approach integrates elements gleaned from leading strategic thinking and planning writers with original material developed during years of applying a variety of approaches to strategic thinking and planning. Emphasis is on building strategic thinking abilities, not on simply arriving at a plan. To be successful, companies must learn to think strategically all the time in addition to setting aside specific time for more formal planning and thinking processes. The key is not in absolutely predicting the future, but in developing the focus, flexibility and competencies to respond regardless of what the future brings. The key is to think strategically every day.

I offer strategic thinking and planning faciliatation for executive groups. Would strategic thinking and planning faciliation with your executive team leverage your time and produce a better result?

If you would like to know more about how I may serve you, or to receive a free 30 to 60 minute phone consultation on your strategic planning situation, please contact me.

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Would you like help for your managers in a live session on your actual operational plans, corporate or departmental; or training for them in operational planning skills?

If you'd like to explore these options, please contact me.

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